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Video- Meet Ana Video-Meet Ana
Loans from Esperanza have enabled Ana to leave a job that was far from home and start her own successful business...
Video- Meet Martina Video-Meet Martina
Meet Martina Reyes Guzman, an Esperanza associate running her very own small salon (saloncito) in the community of El Puerto in the Dominican Republic...
Video- Meet Bartolo Video-Meet Bartolo
Meet Bartolo, a former bracero (sugar cane cutter), who was able to leave the strenuous work in the fields behind and open his very own small shop in the Dominican community Vasca...
Video- Meet Maritza Video-Meet Maritza
Using loans from Esperanza to expand her business, Maritza has grown from selling foods and soft drink to maintaining a larger inventory that includes clothes she purchases on trips to the capital, Santo Domingo...
Video- Meet Aniesa Jean Video-Meet Aniesa
Meet Aniesa Jean an Esperanza associate from the "batey" community of Amelia (bateyes are towns built next to sugar mills for workers to live in and are some of the poorest areas in the Dominican Republic)...
Video- Meet Kenya Video-Meet Kenya
Meet Esperanza associate Kenya Peña Jones, who runs a small colmado (Dominican convenience store) in her community located on the lush Samaná peninsula in the Dominican Republic...
Video- Meet Dominga Video-Meet Dominga
Meet Dominga Garcia, proud owner of a saloncito (small salon) in the small community of Ulloa in the Dominican Republic. To read her story
The story of Esperanza Thanksgiving
We asked Esperanza associated and employees alike, "What are you thankful for"?
The story of Esperanza Summer Fellowship
2012 Esperanza Summer Fellowship Program
The story of Esperanza Economic Development in Batey Communities
Esperanza International in the Dominican Republic highlights their Economic Development work in the sugar cane worker communities (Bateys).
The story of Esperanza Esperanza International and Smiles for Life
To Roy and his team of dentists from Smiles for life that came to visit the Dominican Republic to deliver much needed dental care to the associates of Esperanza International in November 2011.

PHOTO: Glenia hard at work.

Glenia Vargas

In the community of Cienfuegos, forty associates gather once every two weeks for an Esperanza Bank meeting with Rosaura, their Esperanza Loan Officer. This particular group of associates forms the Esperanza Bank named Unidas para Triunfar, or ‘United to Succeed.’ According to one associate, Glenia Vargas, the name of the bank portrays the goal of its members, who are steadily becoming united over time.

Glenia is a 39 year-old entrepreneur in Cienfuegos that has owned a small upholstery business for 13 years. She and her husband have four children together, ages 19, 13, and 16 year-old twins. When Esperanza started a bank in their neighborhood five years ago, Glenia joined and has been working diligently to improve her business and income ever since.


PHOTO: Altidor Jackson outside of his bakery.

Altidor Jackson

“Esperanza is an institution that truly helps us to diminish poverty in our lives, and in the lives of our families.”

Altidor Jackson, an Esperanza associate who lives in Cape Haitian, Haiti, shares about his experiences as an small-business entrepreneur with Esperanza.


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