holistic services

Esperanza is a comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation. Our holistic services differentiate Esperanza from other microfinance institutions as we recognize the importance of caring for the physical and spiritual concerns of our borrowers in addition to their needs for capital.

health services

cervical cancer prevention

3.9 million women in the Dominican Republic are at risk for cervical cancer. Given we serve primarily women, one tangible way that we provide for the physical needs of our borrowers is through an annual cervical cancer exam. We also provide follow up services should the results be abnormal.

dental health and hygiene

Through a partnership with the Crown Council and Smiles for Life, Esperanza provides routine dental care services to our Associates. Rotating dental clinics provide cleanings, extractions, fillings and reconstructive surgeries. Additionally, through bi-weekly health trainings we educate our borrowers and their communities about the importance of oral health.

health training

Loan Officers perform health trainings for our Associates as a part of each bi-weekly repayment meeting. Topics including sanitation, health, and preventative measures against common diseases in the Dominican Republic such as STDs and Zika.

educational services

vocational courses

In depth vocational training equips borrowers to learn a new trade, deepen an existing skill, or improve business practices. Courses offered to Esperanza Associates include sewing, cooking, and budgeting for business expenses.

business training

Using the “Doing Business God’s Way” curriculum, we equip entrepreneurs with financial and spiritual acumen to steward their business with excellence. These trainings equip our Associates in financial management, budgeting, and customer service as part of our business training and development program.